About Us 

The UK Emergency Medicine Trainees’ Association (EMTA) exists to represent Emergency Medicine Trainees to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) and associated bodies responsible for the delivery of training and provision of healthcare. All trainee members of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine are automatically members of the Emergency Medicine Trainees’ Association.

The Association comprises the EMTA Committee and, within that, an EMTA Executive, appointed by the Committee. EMTA work with and report directly to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

The EMTA Committee is made up of Emergency Medicine Trainees from around the country. We regularly advertise for new rep roles via Twitter and the RCEM email and it is a fantastic way to gain experience in national-level decision making, policy and research and we would love anyone interested to please apply!


It is so important to hear from trainees so that we can meaningfully represent the full breadth of experience out there, and it’s also important you’re able to hear from us. Please do follow us on Twitter [hyperlink], use the Tell EMTA button, look out for our e-newsletters or feel free to drop us an email. Our conference is a great way to meet trainees and share and discuss new ideas and be part of the key conversations in Emergency Medicine. 


We are so keen that all trainees feel comfortable and empowered to carve their own path and explore all that EM has to offer that works for them, their clinical care and their teams. Our values and visions below set out our shared understanding of our responsibilities and our ambitions in Emergency Medicine - we’d love to hear your thoughts. TELL EMTA


Emergency Medicine can be a tough and tiring place. Do use each other for support, your peers will be your greatest source of advice and comfort - none of this has to be walked alone. Do please check out our Wellbeing site, as well as the excellent resources provided by the College. 


We hope to do you proud and we look forward to hearing from you!


The EMTA Committee   


Purpose, Values & Vision