Resus Courses


European Trauma Course (ETC) 

Probably the most talked about, and most positively reviewed trauma course on offer currently. The course is aimed at those with existing Trauma experience. Can be used as an alternative to ATLS for ARCP.




Resus Council 

Standard UK resuscitation guidelines, delivered through ALS, EPALS and NLS.  ALS and either EPALS or APLS are CT3 ARCP essentials.

Advanced Trauma Life Support Course

The foundation trauma course on which all the others are built: at CT3 ARCP essential.

Advanced Life Support Group

Providers of an ever increasing range of resuscitation courses, historically notable mainly for APLS, MOET and MIMMS.  Either APLS or EPALS are CT3 ARCP essentials.


Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care Course

Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care, accredited by Royal College of Surgeons London and described as "The most advanced trauma cause available in Europe".  Not recognised for ARCP at any level by RCEM, but well worth a look.


Ultrasound Courses

Bromley Emergency Courses  - https://www.bromleyemergency.com/

Infomed Research & Training - http://www.infomedltd.co.uk/

Radiology Courses  - http://www.radiology-courses.com/ 

Sonosite Courses  - https://www.sonosite.com/education


Examination Courses

Bromley Emergency Courses https://www.bromleyemergency.com/

Doctors Academy http://www.doctorsacademy.org/

Emergency Medicine Revision http://www.emrevision.com


Manchester EM http://www.manchesterem.co.uk/

MRCEM Exam Prep http://mcemexamprep.co.uk/

MRCEM Part A Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MCEMRevision

Newcastle FCEM http://www.NewcastleFCEM.co

Brighton & Sussex Critical Appraisal Course - http://www.criticalappraisalcourses.com/ 


Miscellaneous Courses

Bristol Medical Simulation Courses (BMSC) http://www.bmsc.co.uk/

British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS)https://www.basics.org.uk/course-overview/

British Burn Association http://www.britishburnassociation.org/

Bromley Emergency Courses https://www.bromleyemergency.com/

Ill Medical Patients' Acute Care & Treatment (IMPACT) http://www.impactmedical.org/

Kids Intensive Care & Retrieval Service (KIDS) http://kids.bch.nhs.uk/

Resuscitation Medicine Education http://www.resus.me/


The Resus Room https://theresusroom.co.uk/

Royal College of Anaesthetists Courses http://www.rcoa.ac.uk/education-and-events/events 

Royal Society of Medicine http://www.rsm.ac.uk/

TEACH Courses http://www.orthoteach.co.uk/