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Bullying is "the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group where the relationship involves an imbalance of power" (Anti-Bullying Alliance).

Unfortunately bullying and other toxic behaviours are all too common in healthcare and the ED is no different. The 2020 EMTA survey showed that in the last 4 weeks one in ten trainees had felt bullied and a similar number had witnessed such behaviour.

RCEM recognises that toxic behaviours such as bullying and incivility occur in ED. The Sustainable Working Practices  (SWP) committee have launching RespectED in response; an anti-bullying campaign that aims to raise awareness and tackle this rise in toxic behaviours. It encourages staff to address their own behaviours, to speak up and challenge these behaviours if they witness or are targeted by them and to positively change Emergency Departments and their cultures.

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RCEM Learning Blog - Bullying in the ED (2021)

By EMTA Rep to the SWP Committee Dan Darbyshire


RCEM Learning Blog - Undermining in the ED (2021)

Follow on blog by Dan Darbyshire on another toxic behaviour seen in EM

RCEM Learning Blog - Incivility in the ED (2021)

Next in a series of blogs by Dan Darbyshire on the effects of behaviours seen in EM


RCEM Respect-ED
RCEM page with further resources

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Advice and support for individuals and organisations

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