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Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs)

EMTA have representatives on a number of RCEM Specialist Interest Groups. This page gives support for trainees interested in these SIGs.

Global EM

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Joanna Quinn, Global EM Rep

Are you an emergency physician with an interest in global health?

Do you want to get involved with global health but don’t know how?

Do you want to be involved with global health without leaving the UK?

Do you just want to find out, "what is global health"?


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Jo Quinn, our EMTA Global EM Rep has collated a selection of resources to help you find the answers to all these questions. You can also contact Jo at or @joannaquinn1 on twitter. 

If you are an RCEM member, you can sign up for updates from the college about their Global Health work. or follow @RCEMGlobal on Twitter. EMTA also have strong links with the Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECCo) and you can follow them for blog posts, events and updates.

Finally, if you are interested in pursuing a fellowship or placement in global health - watch out for information regarding the new Global Health Fellowship programme being developed, or contact some of the well established GH fellowships at Bristol and Chelsea and Westminster hospitals.

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