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Mental Health Rep

Josephine Mo

Jo is a born and bred Geordie; she graduated
from Newcastle University after obtaining previous degrees in Psychology, a Masters in Neuroscience, where her research was centred around cognitive bias and perceptions of body image and eating disorders, and a Diploma in Medical Sciences.

During her medical school years, she was the first president and co-founder of the ‘Mind The Gap’ society at Newcastle University, which strived to promote knowledge, understanding and wellbeing of mental health. As well as this, she organised national conferences with this society, working closely with mental health charities and the RCPsych. She has also previously been awarded and completed a three-year fellowship with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Her interests include raising awareness of mental health in EM, bridging the gap between psychiatry and emergency medicine, research and education and the wellbeing of EM trainees.

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